5. Work by Ilinca Pop&Simona Constantin

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Ilinca Pop&Simona Constantin, Home(?!), Series of Postcards, 2018

Being in our 20’s, feeling intrigued by the fact that ‘home’ implies an abstract negotiation between the childhood house and the home that one’s building later on, we decided to engage in an informal research that looks for personal definitions of ‘home’. Does ‘home’ exist rather in one’s mind or in their physical world? Our research develops through conversations with people (resulting in excerpts) and photographs (portraits and objects) of what each of our contributors feels/recognises as representative for (their) ‘home’. We started the project this year, during an artistic residency in a small Romanian village (Viișoara), quite depopulated as the young generations have moved to big cities or abroad. Next year we will continue the research in other diverse rural and urban areas of Romania, planning to assembly everything into a collage-driven book. We interviewed many women in the village and we would like to share and debate their views on ‘home’ with the audience of the ‘SPATIU COMUN’ exhibition. Creating a bridge between being a woman in the countryside or living in one of the biggest cities of Romania – we believe that is important both for defining femininity and the world we live in.

1. Anișoara: “When we came back home from abroad, we decided to open up a shop. It’s better to be the boss than a servant.”
2. Anuța: “I live here with my husband and one of my boys, who didn’t marry yet. I wish he finds a wife! Every parent wants their children to make a home of their own someday.”
3. Claudia: “I don’t like making friends. Anyway, I don’t have time for them, there is so much work to do at home!”
4. Claudia: “Home: food, cleaning, laundry…”
5. Claudia: “My mom lives three houses away from me. I’m there almost the whole day.”
6. Cornelia: “The young should stay with the young and let the old be together with the old. Young people are perfectly well by themselves – as they brew, so they drink.”
7. Lili: “Here is where I like to spend my days: in the kitchen. What do I need? A full gas cylinder and the oven.”
8. Maria: “Home means family.”
9. Măriuța: “Life is so beautiful when you have children!… I pity these people who only have one or two kids… Having a big family is wonderful!”
Mirela: “My husband was born and raised in this village. I come from Oltenia and I moved here with him – he fooled me to do it, so to say it… I don’t feel at home; I thought my perception will change as time goes by and our family grows, but it didn’t happen.”
11. Simona: “After the divorce I was crying all the time and my mother kept telling me: you have a job, a house, a car, what do you need more?”
12. Simona: “I tell you: loneliness is like a disease”